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Zombies Attack the Dating World

So have we reached an era of “Hit & Run” relationships that are based on two week texting fun, few dates, and a balance of several potential mates to pick from.  I sincerely believe the illusion of “wow that guy is ONLY into me”, is as much of a believable illusion as say professional wrestling (wrasslin’).  Now at first I figured I was just talking from my own point of view but after conducting a short survey I came to the conclusion that we have been victims of communication technology.


Take this blog for example, this is helpful (I hope).  But then let’s compare that to the dopamine induced high you get from checking text messages, texting folks to receive a response, and then the anticipation of what you will get back.  It’s instant gratification to the max except it’s simply just text on a small screen.  Go into a Starbuck’s and count how many singles are busy staring at their tablet, computer, or smartphone screen even though they are a mere feet away from interaction.  Then, go into a bar or nightclub and the “cyber zombies” are out staring at their screens but instead of cargo or yoga pants they’re in a dress or button down.  It really is information overload when you’re getting bombarded everyday with work emails, Facebook invites, Groupons, emails from your Sister in Law, and the occasional reminder email from Netflix.  Last time I checked zombies are the brainless undead that go through the motions with no rhyme or reason.  The irony is the correlation I see between these extras on the “Walking Dead”, and us the “cyber zombies” who would resort to an addiction to technology instead of connecting on a deeper level.  Well this zombie here, just like the ones in the movies, is hungry for brains..well not literally.  I’m hungry for a deeper connection, I want a guy to have the balls to talk to me at a coffee shop or God forbid a bar.  I want to hear about a life experience and not an ecard on someone’s Facebook status.  Please pass this message along if not we seriously will be looking at a zombie apocalypse that sneak up on us.  


Ways to identify a “cyber zombie” single:

– Switches from tablet to smartphone and has zero motivation for looking up to see who’s making eye contact.

– A person that continuously texts instead of calls you and when you call them (after a text) it goes to voicemail.

– Beware those that post a status update every hour or so, they are on the fringe of narcissistic attitudes…yes Facebook is creating angry zombies.

– You’re on a date and they continuously say “I’m so sorry I have to get this text”, unless it’s family matters or an emergency it seriously isn’t that important.


Ways to prevent you from becoming a “cyber zombie” single:

– Hang around nature a bit and no we don’t mean plants at the mall.

– Call your friends and share a fun story from the past.

– Attend a non-cheesy singles event to meet like minded singles *COUGH COUGH* Scenergy Dating I heard is a great start ; )

– Sit somewhere quiet and meditate, calm your brain and detach from all the addictions that can cure your “zombiness”.

– Challenge someone you’re interested in to also be cured from his/her zombie ways and put effort in getting to know you.


So what do you think, are we on the brink of a “Singles Zombie Attack” brought on by mobile technology?  I’d love to read your thoughts, preferably after I’ve meditated and smelled the flowers.





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