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Match.com Stir Commercials are Fake….and more!

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials full of trendy late 20’s or early 30’s “singles” prancing around having a great time on a match.com “Stir” commercial.  You ever scratch your head and wonder, “Wow all these attendees seem to be fit, great looking, young, and social.”  Well keep scratching your noggin some more or wake up and realize that these are paid models hired to be stand ins for commercialized hype. 


ImageThe totally “uncool” cast of 90210, mass produced in a Disney/MTV esque factory


The “Stir” commercials are match.com’s cheap attempt to give off the perception that you have to look like a 90210 extra to have a chance in the dating game.  The cheap shot is the subtitle at the bottom that says “actual match events” but never says “actual match.com members”.  That’s like me filming a commercial at a pool hall with nothing but big burly male models to promote an upcoming pool tournament and have an outro subtitle that says “Actual pool hall”….big burly men are always fun at gay clubs or NRA conventions.


Yes I admit I’m an online member of the aforementioned company and I’m not embarrassed about using an online dating site, just the one that decides to give you a proverbial slap in the face with their shady marketing.  I keep receiving announcements on upcoming events and notice two things:   180 men are showing up to the next one and I have to pay $70 to attend a singles only cooking class.  First let’s start with the number – WRONG!  I attended a Stir event and did not see even half the number of men advertised as coming and a male friend of mine said he expected around the same number of females.  Yes I get it, tease people into thinking there’s going to be a butt load of singles to pick from at the event and assuming all 360 showed up from both respective genders it all makes sense at a small lounge with a capacity of 174 (I asked the owner).  The best stunt is when they tell you the event is full and that I’m one of the lucky ones to RSVP – woo hoo love your mind control I’ll make sure I’m part of your “beautiful people” for your upcoming event. 



Yes I’ll take two high end cooking classes please…wait…HEY only five men SHOWED UP!


Second let’s start on the price tag for the cooking class.  Now I’m fully aware this is my choice if I want to attend this event or not, but really $70?  Even if I have a full time job and can more than pay for the event, my focus is on finding a man and NOT breaking my bank account.  Does a cooking class up my chances of hitting the jackpot or will I be surrounded by a small group of singles who decided to pay for the event and could of done better paying $35 a cooking class through a local organic foods store?





The last point I want to bring up is something that is near and dear to me – blogs!  Notice that when you search match Stir events your search results will be inundated with blogs from real people claiming they had plenty of fun at a Stir event.  Maybe I’ve watched too many political conspiracies on Netflix but my intuition is warmly telling me that they are paid cohorts of match.com themselves.  I can just imagine the email…

“Hi I’m (insert name) VP of Strategic Communications at match.com and we’d like to discuss the dynamic opportunity of being rewarded for your contributions in influencing singles in your area”, which translates to “Hey I pity the fool that doesn’t like our events how about we pay your @$$ and you tell us how great they are.”


So next time you see a Stir commercial make sure you sing the instrumental to Marilyn Manson’s “Beautiful People” in your head, yes it’s devil’s music but the devil lies and so do match commercials.


Ok time for a cheap plug…GO…CHECK…OUT Scenergy-Dating.com ethical, grassroots, great customer service, and a perfect price point to attract quality singles!


Did I just compare match to the devil…hmm well when they sneak in another membership charge and auto-renew me without a heads up….why yes match you’re the devil!  



2 thoughts on “Match.com Stir Commercials are Fake….and more!

  1. Very well said! I have been waiting for someone to call them out on this! Many friends have went to these so called “Events” and reported back that our company has nothing to worry about as far as competition from these “stir” events. LOL. It takes $$ to dupe the public, just look at Wall Street 😉 Match has plenty of $$. Who needs to advertise events on TV !!! Good events spread quicker by WOM than any kind of advertising you can buy. I can tell you this from many years of running events and running 2 national event companies. Advertising cannot replace a great staff, hard work and great event hosts. I believe this is their 2nd “attempt” in the events biz. Will they go for strike 3? :)~

    Posted by Darren | September 10, 2012, 9:36 pm
  2. I was in a match comercial for stir events and I am actually a member. They sought out real members, set up a stir event and then filmed it.

    Posted by Jenn | December 7, 2012, 5:12 pm

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