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Increasing your Dateability – Be Date Worthy

To my subscribers thank you for your continued support of Single in San Antonio and Scenergy Dating. Now lets just get straight to the point.

So where have I been? I have been investing, in what per say? In my dateability.

What is dateability?

The degree of “the quality of being dateable” that one possesses.How attractive that person is to their desired sex.

i.e. How likely a third party would want to date that person.

<Matthew> Sure she’s hot, but her high dateability is questionable when you start to know of her outlandish obsessions.
~Urban Dictionary
Now this does not have anything to do with looks, okay maybe a little… but we’ ll get to that. But it is your overall persona and how you carry yourself.  Its being likeble, but not only that, like to the point want to date (not just a friend)
1. Know, understand, and actively be pursuing your goals. When looking for partners people search to be part of someone’s life not the only thing going on. You do not have to be currently successful but if you are working towards a goal, then shows stability and commitment.
2.  Shut up and listen. Everyone wants to feel like the center of attention but if you are hogging the limelight you will lose your audience, quick. Give your date more attention that what you are use to having yourself.
3. Talk. Listen more than talk but still talk. The good thing about meeting someone new is that there is so much you could say. But you do not have to say everything. Leave your date wanting to learn more and to ask questions.
4. Be positive. Dates do not want to hear horror stories or sad stories. Just like you, your date wants a person he/she can be happy to be with. If your date is uncomfortable, then its hard for him or her to imagine an enjoyable time.
5. Be Open-Mind. Face it not everyone thinks that same as you as soon as you realize this the sooner your are to dateablity.
6. Self-Grooming. Told you I would get back to this. You don’t have to be Channing Tatum (or maybe  you do) to attach your desired date. But you must keep up with hygiene and over healthy care. “But they should like me the way I am” That is nice in theory, but in is by instinct to find features that of a healthy looking partner.  That is why all of us will still seek someone we can feel physically attracted to.
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4 thoughts on “Increasing your Dateability – Be Date Worthy

  1. Great post. I like the point about positivity! One date recently told me that all I spoke about was work and humanism. At least we both learned something

    Posted by iammarcello | July 23, 2012, 11:10 pm
  2. welcome back

    Posted by The Reemachronicles | July 24, 2012, 2:22 pm
  3. Happy to be back! Hope I was not too missed.

    Posted by Nova | July 26, 2012, 3:27 pm
  4. Yeah, I was a workaholic which is very common for people that involve most of your time at work. But that’s why taking a break from work and doing something new is important for self and convo starters.

    Posted by Nova | July 28, 2012, 11:19 am

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