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Pet Names – Makes you wag your tail?

Many people at one point in time was given a pet name by a lover. Could be honey bear, sugar lips, or not even in the dictionary  like booboo. We had our unique way of just calling a love one by a pet name. But why do we do this?  Many say it shows a deeper connection to each other. Just being called what everyone else calls you, makes your partner feel in fact like everyone else. So that is why close friends create nicknames for each other, and why others create nicknames for something unique about people around them. It is because by creating this identification gives a secure attachment (like this person in someway is associated to me.) Our first words were nicknames (mommy and daddy) but we associated it to a meaning. The name Alex does not mean anything (don’t even know if female or male) but if I call this person Darling then its known that this is a person I have some type of intimate connection with. Which is the attachment theory that is learned as an infant from a care giver then is associates to our adulthood with relationships and that is why it seems almost like baby talk.
 Couples that have special pet names for each other tend to be happier, playful, and have a strong bond then those that don’t. But on the flip side shown to lose sex drive.
But they are those that hate the idea of pet names tend to be very independent and most of the time harder to stay in a long term relationship.
But as these pet names have been used in the early dating stages; common pet names are used differently but still for the same meaning. For example, “hey cutie…” now when a guy use a pet name to talk a girl this is a way to get an instant response from her (not saying good or bad) but she is identifying that you are speaking to her in a more intimate connected way. So she will respond in a way that will show she is accepting or not accepting your name for her. In that sense continuing conversation or ignoring the comment.
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And stay sexy everywhere and everyday!
So what were some odd pet names? Do you like pet names?


One thought on “Pet Names – Makes you wag your tail?

  1. Boltfox uses his petname for me, “Boobie” as a term of affection. Not many are fond of it. He likes it though and I’m tickled by it.

    Posted by LucridLucifel | May 1, 2012, 11:57 pm

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