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Did you take Mothers Dating advice?

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1- Don’t sleep with men on the first date. Or the second. Or the third. And definitely not the fourth.
My mother is fond of telling and re-telling the story of how she made my father jump through hoops before consumating the relationship. On the wedding night. Of course this was in ye olden times where men still had some sense of chivalry and just the mere thought of carnal lust before marriage was wont to cause plagues, the act itself was abominable and would ensure a life in the pit of hells. (My mother was raised Catholic, went to a convent school with actual stern nuns in wimples as teachers. She’s fond of saying we modern kids wouldn’t have lasted a day in convent school). One of my mothers favourite sayings is to give the men enough to whet their appetites and nothing more; nobody marries someone they’ve ‘known’…

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