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Are you hooked? – Escaping Friend Zone

Are you hooked on someone so bad that every time they call or text, you instantly contact back? They want you to come over for any reason at all and you get to it in a minute? A guy or girl that you have been dying to date but since you two are ” just friends” you hope to get past friend zone by being there, all the time.

Then your hooked.

Yes, hooked like a fish that took the same bait every time, did not learn, and just get reeled in. Then your a fish out of water wondering is he/she going to keep you or throw you back out. When they do throw you back in the water, you get a hurt, but then you just keep swimming. But you fall for it every time.

This means you are playing the “friend zone” all wrong. Here are some tips to escape the “Friend Zone” :

  1. Don’t be so readily available. Pursue your dreams, hobbies, etc. so your focus is mainly on yourself. Why? Because you have a life, or at least show like you do. A person wants to compliment your life not to be the consumption of your life.
  2.  Talk about the things you require in a man or a woman. Let’s you talk about relationships and dating without stating you are interest in them. You learn a little more about what their looking for and if you two are a good match. Plus, makes for an interesting conversation. 
  3. Don’t say that you see them as more than a friend. Most likely, they know. The only way you make the change is by him/her confessing their feelings for you. 
  4. It’s okay to compliment him/her but when it is balanced by your wandering eye. It also communicates that you find him/her attractive, but in a very detached way.
  5. Friendly touch but don’t grope. Touch is a powerful tool when used correctly. The best points are where jewelry are located like wrist and ears. Say you want to see them compliment them while giving a small brush on the back of your hand to their skin. There are of course others as well but small and limited touches in appropriate areas is the bridge from friend, to something slightly more.
  • If you are looking for more the FWB then don’t do FWB. Someone always gets hurt.
  • If the touch is not welcomed than leave it alone. This is showing she/he does not have a interest to be anymore than friends. That is why that is last.  
  • When talking about sex, talk about the passion of sex not the action of it. 
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