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Cheap to Free Date Ideas In San Antonio

San Antonio has an insane amount of free things to do but you may have to do some research to get to some real good stuff. I will try my best to keep it away from the tourist spots. But as I learned from being in this city that even native Spurs loving San Antonio resident may have not explored these places. Here is my list of free to super cheap date ideas for more date ideas go to creative date ideas in San Antonio.

1. Japanese Tea Garden (Sunken Gardens)

I would always suggest going in spring when the flowers are blooming other that it would not be as fascinating. Right next to the San Antonio Zoo it is a good “kill to birds with one stone” date.

2. Historical Landmarks

San Antonio takes pride in conserving alot of its history: Alamo, Mission San Jose, Otto Bombach House, Spanish Governor’s Palace, Case Navarro, Steves Homestead, La Villita and more.

3. Lakes

Many lakes out there you can also feed birds and ducks so bring some bread. Canyon LakeCalaveras Lake Park,  St. Mary’s Lake, and many others.

4. Museums or factory tours

San Antonio Museum of Art Marion Koogler McNay Art Museum Texas Transportation Museum San Antonio Cowboy Museum or SAS Shoes

5. Cycling

San Antonio has tons of bike trails since the new “Active San Antonio” campaign. So check out the trails near you. Leon Creek Greenway has many paths for all levels of bikers. But for more trails check it out here.

6. School Each Other

Teach each other a skill you may know; painting, cooking, sports, chances are you already have the material and learn about each other.

7. Night Sky or Morning Sun

Go to a local baseball field or safe area of a park and take a blanket and look up at the sky you can also look at the clouds and see shapes.

I’m stopping here for now..If you know of anymore great free hot spots, just share below!.

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