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In-between Relationships – The Unemployed Single

As we left off First Date Lies, I wanted to go into detail about the number 1 lie I mentioned, occupation.  Many times people said, no one would want to date someone that is unemployed. Women (as I mentioned before), want to feel stability when finding a potential partner. So is it possible to date when unemployed? Of course, it is. Though it maybe more difficult to find a long lasting  partner, you could still meet new people and have casual dates. Though I would suggest this tips for the unemployed single:

1.  Don’t Be On The Search For The One

I tell both employed and unemployed singles to not pursue everything like a scavenger hunt for your perfect long term partner. But this especially true for those unemployed. If your looking for this person that has everything together you must look at the mirror first. First focus should be on self and getting back on your feet. But this does not mean you can not meet someone up for coffee. The best thing for an unemployed single is positive experiences.

2. Don’t Wallow In Self-Pity

Most unemployed are feeling depressed from their current financial status. But instead of dragging everyone else down have people around to bring you up. A great support group can give you just what you need to be confident in dating.  Plus, this would be the ultimate test if the person your dating is interested in your personality and not your job status.

3. Creativity In Dates

You use to spend alot on dates? Well now its time to get creative. I will post my Free Date Ideas in San Antonio soon, but till then, its time to get creative with dates. Go on picnics, walk dates, and other ways that goes back to the basics of courtship. Your date will find you fascinating and imaginative.

4. Keep Active

You have alot of free time on your hand, now.  So don’t waste it playing video games or sleeping. Get out there and be active by volunteering, picking up a hobby, or working out. Volunteer in a charity you can be passionate about. Stay physically fit keeps you feeling good about yourself and a more attractive partner. Not only would give a chance to meet new people (and singles) but also have something else to talk about with your date when they ask what you do all day.

5.  Networking

True Scenergy Dating Story: An unemployed man found his current career from a single woman at one of our singles events. Even though these two did not find each other as dating potential but from mingling and knowing about each other, she was able to find an opening at the company she works for and put in a good word. He is currently working in his career field in that company, thanks from a tip from her.

Odd enough that our singles events are to find potential partners, this success story came to a surprise. But nevertheless we found it quite a unique success story worth sharing. With that being said, by meeting new people you can find ways to network yourself and maybe even find a job.

Good luck to the unemployed  San Antonio singles and remember you can create a free profile at Scenergy-Dating.com  and upgrade to a scene member and get all events free. Invest in yourself and everything else will fall into place.

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One thought on “In-between Relationships – The Unemployed Single

  1. Good advice.

    I’ve been unemployed for over a year now but lying about it doesn’t apply to me(since I don’t date).Other guys go on dates,looking for relationships,thus they are somewhat pressured to reveal their work status( or lie then get caught later on).Since I’m a pick-up artist,whether I’m unemployed or not,it never affects what I’m about(banging girls).A girl doesn’t care if a guy’s unemployed or not,as long as he’s not putting himself out as BF material.

    Posted by Socialkenny | March 9, 2012, 2:16 pm

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