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Little Fibber – First Date Lies

People tend to want to give the best impression possible on a first date, even if it maybe completely false. Let’s have some fun with some common first date fibs:

1.) Occupation –

You said you were the head of your office, but really your an intern? Occupation is very common lie simply because in the U.S., occupation is a very important characteristic of stability. But since this very unstable in the employment market its easy for people to feel uncomfortable about their current status.

2.) “Me too” – 

Did you ever say you like the same thing as your date, but you have no idea about that topic? Trying to find something in common is one sense of attraction people look for. So if you don’t find anything in common, which would be really rare, maybe it was not meant to be or good luck finding out about your new found hobby.

“When my first date revealed he was a hard-core video-gamer, I felt compelled to connect with him, so I said I was a gamer too. But I’m really not—unless you count playing Super Mario Brothers as a kid. Good thing Mario is a hot topic worth reminiscing about; we talked for hours about my ‘mad skills.’”

—Liz, 25, West Chester, Penn.

3. ) Call/ See you again –

The date may have went well for you, but the other does not feel the same. Sometimes it just does not work out. So if he/she is avoiding you may need to go ahead and avoid them.

“When a guy asks me if I want to go out again, I say yes. Then I don’t answer the phone when he calls. I have a hard time hurting a guy’s feelings, and I don’t want to seem rude because I did get a free meal.”

—Christina, 37, Redondo Beach, Calif.

4.) Living situation or kids –

So are you feeling like the “40 year old virgin” living with your mother. Or, you may have a full house with little ones. People fear of nonacceptance and basically scaring off the date by giving away some of the baggage early on.

5.) Martial Status

Facebook has the status “It’s Complicated” for these people right here. Who maybe in a relationship and want out or separated from their spouse. But most would not explain how it is complicated.

“I went on a date with a guy and told him I was single, when really I was in a serious relationship with someone else. I ended up breaking up with my boyfriend, and eventually the guy I lied to became my husband. We’ve been happily married for eight years, and he still shakes his head every time I tell him I was still dating someone when I met him.”

—Elissa, 31, Queens, N.Y.

Read More http://www.glamour.com/sex-love-life/2012/02/10-first-date-lies-women-tell#ixzz1oU5yl1YC

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Do you know of other little Fibs you have told or heard when dating someone?




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