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Women’s Guide: The Hidden Signs He is Attracted to You

I also have Men’s Guide: The hidden signs she is attracted to you. But this is the women’s advice on how to get the cues and what they mean. Now men feel free to say if you see this is true or not.

1. Leans in

Men will turn and lean into himself as square in front of you as possible to get your full attention. This move can be either very subtle or extremely “in your face” (literally!). It’s his way of letting you know he’d like to get closer. Once his interest is piqued, you’ll both find it hard to pull away!

2. Staring contest

We’ve all heard the proverb, “The eyes are the window to the soul.” If he’s interested in you, he’ll focus on you with those piercing peepers. Return his romantic gaze with a quiet smile and let him know you’re interested.

3. He is actually listening

How do you know that you have a guy’s attention? When he’s not talking about himself. It’s that simple. The next time you’re in a bar, listen closely to any table full of men and you’ll hear them speaking rapturously about their favorite subject: themselves. When a man shuts up and really listens to what you have to say, you know it must be love (or at least a strong attraction). He’ll put that male ADD to rest once and for all after he’s found the one.

4. He laughs at your jokes

Can’t tell a joke to save your life? Does he laugh at it anyway? Men are very in touch with their sense of humor (women often complain that men never take anything seriously, right?), so if he’s sending some hearty laughter your way, it’s a good bet he’s looking at you as relationship material

5. He gets nervous

If a guy’s into you, you’ll make him nervous. He’ll get goose bumps or a rapidly beating heart just from being around you. Look for signs like unexplained laughter, sweaty palms and fidgeting. Guys always want to be in control of their emotions — we like to be in charge. If he has trouble doing that around you, it’s most likely because you make him nervous and excited. Don’t take it for granted; help him to relax and he’ll thank you by being a great guy you can depend on.
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From: http://www.ivillage.com/top-10-signs-hes-you/4-b-382722#382730



3 thoughts on “Women’s Guide: The Hidden Signs He is Attracted to You

  1. Nah this is very in-accurate.The only one that is spot on is being nervous and laughs at her jokes(but even this one is still half accurate since a nervous guy won’t be laughing too often but chuckling).

    Most of the signs you’d pointed out is actually what women do when they are attracted to a guy.For instance:leaning in.That is something that women subconsciously do when they’re attracted to a guy.I mean,we do lean in,but that is no real sign of attraction since it’s a conscious movement(opposed to being unconscious for women).

    Posted by Socialkenny | February 29, 2012, 7:59 am
  2. Other thing is,men aren’t bashful nor secretive about showing their interests.We just show it wrong.

    Women are the ones who display their interests in ways that are hard to read.It takes a guy who’s skilled in reading body language to notice them.

    Posted by Socialkenny | February 29, 2012, 8:08 am
  3. So what would be some other signs?

    Posted by Nova | February 29, 2012, 1:38 pm

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