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Experiencing Technical Difficulty – Saving a Bad Date

I did my usual weekend travel and reading all of my favorite bloggers. But my blog seemed to reblog all the posts I  tried to “like”. So I do apologize to my subscribers for spamming your inboxes this weekend.

But this weekend, I experienced the “what could go wrong, will go wrong.” Which brings me to a topic of “staying positive in a negative situation.” 

Now, we all know that not every date is going to go well. But making the most of it is much better than finding a way out, why?

Everyone has an off day

You went to a restaurant and the food turn out terrible this time, even if you been there before and it was great. The waitress or your date spilled the drink on the table (or you). You have a picnic, then bugs take over. Everyone has an off day, so using humor could really save it, be understanding, and just recover.

Person may not be ready to start dating yet

Every good dating expert will tell you, you have to be ready to date. But some people don’t understand that, you may go on a date with someone who is mentally is not ready to date. He/she may talk to you about their exes or other troubles and just spill out with negative things going on in their life. This person may be a great person that just needs someone to talk to. If that is the case,  just give them the curiosity to listen and just try to get to know them as a person. This may be just what they need.

Saying all the wrong things, at all the wrong times.

 It happens singles get nervous on a date. Don’t know what to talk about on a first date. So what people end up doing is saying or asking a touchy question (past, religion, politics) that ends up a sob story or your first fight together. Avoid this and all possible, and steer the conversation to positive topics.

Didn’t get the cues

So you showed every sign possible that you are interested in this person, but you get nothing back. Maybe your not catching his/her signs or they may not be catching yours. Also, people have different standards about first dates and how far he or she will go. So a first kiss may not be in the agenda. Does not mean the date went bad. Just could be taking it slow, if that case, be thankful.

The person is completely opposite of your interest

This person is a slob, rude, or annoying. Now the date maybe going bad, but the only reason I would think to end the date early is if your put in a unhealthy/illegal/unsafe situation. But if he or she just does not suit you, staying in the date (instead of ditching) shows you as a kind person. Why this is important to a person you many not talk to again? Because this person could have a friend that could be a better match.  But because you were rude, he or she may see you as unsuitable for their friend. This could let you loose out on the person just right for you.

This is my latest ramble, for more from me go to homepage

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One thought on “Experiencing Technical Difficulty – Saving a Bad Date

  1. If the date is not working I thik its just best to end it. I’m not trying to wait around and hope something good happens. Your first impression is your only impression. If you blow that then you lose.

    Posted by The Reemachronicles | February 28, 2012, 3:06 pm

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