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Is Love Blind or Is It Amnesia?



Why does it seem like when things fail in a relationship people usually say LOVE IS BLIND…or After we got married ____ happened or I had NO IDEA he or she would be this way…

Is it that Love is truly blind or is it just you?


have to ask this question because it seems like a lot of excuses go into failed relationships, terrible co-parents etc and so on…I hear many times people saying he was great Until after we got married then I found out he was a drug addict…

Now is it me or are you bullshitting yourself? Drug addiction is usually hard to hide if you really pay attention and are in a person’s life.  For instance- when that person went away for 2 days without calling and said they were sick…did you really believe that? What if the person is an abusive person, did you not see the emotional abuse or how he or she treated their family? 

All of these things are signs and whether we see them or not really has a lot to do with a person’s self esteem and worth. 

What I mean by this: when you decided to forgive terrible behavior was it because you didn’t see it or that YOU REALLY DID SEE IT but chose to IGNORE IT and excused it as a ONE TIME incident…People who care about themselves and well- being can see something ONE time and decide to walk away…

We have to stop being afraid of being alone or rejected therefore we ignore bad behavior because 10/10 they showed you who they were but you chose not to SEE it!

~Bliss and Self-worth~



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