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Cake and Chocolate – True Meaning of Valentine’s Day

Happy Birthday to Me! Birthday wishes to yours truly, yes on the very own day of love. So everyday since the day I was born was wrapped around with chocolate, hearts, and flowers. I share my birthday with the day that others share anniversaries, relationships, and the big crazy LOVE word! Unlike those born on Christmas, still get a real gift even if its “doubled up”. By the time its my birthday, everyone is either broke from the other holidays or they are consumed in the Valentine’s tradition. So I end up with chocolates and  is passed as my birthday gift, go figure. But I believe, out of everyone, I know the true meaning of this day. No, it is not the dinner you arrange, its not the chocolates or flowers. Not about couples, at all. Its about Love, reminding us, to stop for one moment and really give a loved one (relationship or friendship) the attention it deserves. Now the history of Valentine’s Day has always been a blur. But in the end the whole point was to keep love alive.

So are you still dreading the holiday? Well at at least you dont have any of these following phobias or do you?

So, on my own birthday, I give out gifts and attention to all my love ones. My closes friends, family, and whoever I feel just needs to feel Loved. Just being around someone (your children, mother, grandparents)  you love is the best Valentine any person could have.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!



One thought on “Cake and Chocolate – True Meaning of Valentine’s Day

  1. Happy Birthday!

    Posted by Chris Feliciano | February 14, 2012, 4:06 pm

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