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Men’s Guide to: What to Write on Your Online Dating Profile

Online Dating Profile Topics

By ReemaChronicles
One of the hardest parts of writing a dating profile, is trying to decide which topics to talk about. We all know that women receive a crazy amount of messages daily. Not only do your messages have to be on point, but you have to worry about your pictures and most importantly your PROFILE. 99% of online dating profiles for men are just a mish mash of bad self-reflection and a long list of boring hobbies. This does not really interest women. It’s time for you guys to be in the 1%. #occupy online dating is what I like to call it. Let’s take a look at a list of topics that women want to read about. Also, I will give you examples directly from my profile.

1. Travel- Travel is adventure and adventure is romance. Travel is something that everyone has in common. If she doesn’t travel, of course she wants to. By sharing some of your experiences, you will seem adventurous and hopefully find some common things between you two. For me, travel is romance and adventure rolled into one. There is something breathtaking about stepping on a plan in a modern city of freeways and skyscrapers and stepping off mere hours later into a city of ancient pyramids, narrow cobblestone roads, steamy crowded markets and tiny theaters. While I LOVE a white sandy beach at a resort, the real adventure for me is exploring places that your average tourist passes up.”

2. Family- For women, knowing that you have a relationship with your family will leave them with the impression that you are trustworthy, grounded and have some sense of responsibility. It does not have to be perfect. It just needs to let her know that they are there and you get along with your family. If you have a fun, interesting relationship, definitely point it out. “Although I moved out long ago and live away from my family, I make time to take trips back to visit. There’s nothing like Thanksgiving with mom and dad, all us kids trying to sneak bits of stuffing and gravy out of the kitchen before it is ready.”    

3. Kids- I don’t mean your kids (unless you do have them), but if you can give any example of being loved by kids (like your brother’s kid) then she will know that you have great great qualities in you. Most importantly, people consider you trustworthy enough to leave you with their kids. “I love my nieces Alexis and Mykala. The one thing in life I haven’t got which I want is a child of my own, but choosing a mother is a serious business. I have no shortage of keen candidates” or,  I love tennis and have been a fan since I was young. Last week I showed my neighbor’s 5-year-old son to serve and hit a forehand for the first time. My neighbor says that he’s now sleeping with the racquet I gave him.”

4. Friends- People who don’t have friends tend to be anti social, or socially awkward. I would never tell you to lie but, if you didn’t have any friends, I wouldn’t talk about that. You have to remember that there is a huge lack of socially acceptable men available. One of the most important things to a woman, is that her friends like you. I would say that a woman’s biggest fear when bringing a new guy around, is the fear that he might embarrass her. Tell her a little about your friends, about having a great relationship with them. This will help her imagine you in her social circle of friends and that your aren’t just some weirdo. “I’ve built a lifestyle that allows me to experience some fantastic things. I’ve also been blessed to have some of the greatest friends in my life. I shouldn’t even say friends because I consider them family. We’ve had the same tight knit group since Elementary School. If we complement each other well, the possibilities are endless.”

5. Pets- Women love animals and women love men who love animals. If you’ve ever had a pet, or have one now, you need to let her know. Having a pet tells her that you have enough sense of responsibility. We all know how much work it is to have pets. Personally, I don’t have any pets. If I did, I would write this in my profile: “I do like dogs, especially big, slobbery dogs that jump into laps at the worst possible moment.”

6. Career- This does NOT mean talk about how much money you make. Women just want to know that you are employed, financially stable, and responsible with money. You do not even have to talk about the exact job or your yearly salary. You can just let her know that you have that part of your life handled. I’m absolutely in love with my job, honestly, it’s been my dream job since I was about 14 or 15, and every day I check myself to make sure it’s real. If I’m still doing this when I die (assuming it’s a long time from now), I’ll be pretty happy.”

Afterthought: None of these things are in any particular order. You want your online profile to flow. If you can included all of these things in your profile, you will look well rounded and interesting. Two things women are looking for in a man.



One thought on “Men’s Guide to: What to Write on Your Online Dating Profile

  1. hi
    This is something interesting, and seems useful to. surely going to use some tips in my personal life.

    Posted by Pam | March 1, 2012, 2:22 am

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