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You Googled me? How technology changed the dating game, forever.

Technology lets us connect in so many ways; information, entertainment, and communication. Because of this, we have a new approaches on how we date. From finding out information about your date, finding ways to go on a date, finding a date, and different ways to communicate with your mate. Which could lead to good and bad dating habits.

Po’ Boy Background Check

If you met someone and he/she quickly ask for your last name, you most likely are getting “Googled”. Which, if you ever Googled yourself ( google.com search your name) you should have nothing to worry. But when you Google someone, my suggestion wait until maybe after the first meeting, just because it is a bad habit to want to discuss some of your findings (Stalkers are not attractive.)

No Distance in Long Distance

Thanks to Facebook and Skype you can stay close with everyone even if your on the other side of the world. There are not much excuses now to fake your picture when webcam is not far away. Plus, when you are in a long distance relationship even though does take effort to get online and chat, but if you know it can be that easy see your mate then why not.

Dating Multitasking

Since you can surf Facebook, text, and call all at the same time with some smart phones. People have more dates going on at one time (set up a date while picking up another). Which could be the number 1 partner in crime when in comes to infidelity and break ups. If you are looking to settle down, then you must slow down. We will discuss more on this in a later topic.

Online Dating

Of course, relationships are blooming in online dating. When it is done the right way. I helped a dear friend find the girl he was looking for online and gave him a few tips and now he is dating a great girl, another is getting married from her online romance in a few weeks. This is a great weapon, but you must not abuse it. Which leads to the next topic.

Better with the Lights Off

When your online you can be the witty, charming person you want to be. The spotlight is not on you and since you don’t see the person, in person, much more people are more confident. This changed the geeks inability to get a catch because people prejudge. Its kind of revolutionary.

Dump of the 3 day Rule?

I see there seems to be no more “3 day rule”, now you tend to find out very quickly if your date went well and if there will be another. We move so quickly online we tend to move quickly in relationships. Alot of people are not patient anymore either. If a girl does not respond within 24 hours then she is out. These people are what I call “Chain Daters” he/she does not give the time needed to really build the relationship and just quickly move on to the next.

Could you see how technology changed your dating routine? 



One thought on “You Googled me? How technology changed the dating game, forever.

  1. Funny thing is:I never googled any chic I ever dated.I’m not against it.Just that I never did it.

    Lmao @ being on multiple dates simultaneously.Thats’ true when I ponder it.

    Posted by Socialkenny | January 4, 2012, 9:36 am

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