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Match-up Mondays

Every Monday, I’ll play celeb matchmaker and send you celebrity matchmaking match-ups of good, bad, and interesting celeb couples. I love to hear you opinions. Stay tuned every Monday for these match-ups and you be the judge.

This week’s Monday Match-Up:

Jake Gyllenhaal

Age: 31

Sign: Sagittarius

Past Partners:Kirsten Dunst and Reese Witherspoon

Already having a thing for blondes Jake Gyllenhaal is a natural Sagittarius. He takes life as a positive experience and to make the most out of it. He stands for what he believes in and is an activists at heart. Strong willed and likes to surround self with positive people.


Charlize Theron


Sign: Leo

Past Partners: Stephan Jenkins and Stuart Townsend

Charlize is a humanitarian and is the strong woman to stand by him. Sagittarius men are already hard to hold down in a relationship. But This Leo woman is not looking to chase because she gets what she wants with or without him. She is not a wild girl needing attention which I could see him like. With Charlize wrap I can see she does not mind a little bit of a rugged man.

What are your thoughts? Good, Bad, or interesting couple? Know of better matches? Tell us!

 Have a good Monday my lovelies.



One thought on “Match-up Mondays

  1. Nice concept to blog about.

    I really dont know the characters so I couldn’t say whether good or bad match.

    Posted by Socialkenny | January 2, 2012, 10:04 pm

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