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Have you ever wondered about love – what causes it? How is it made? What is it’s make-up? And, ultimately what is the recipe for success in love?

Well, these are all interesting questions answered within this Psychology Today article by Kristine Keller, M.A. In the article, Kristine shares some great information about love research.  In particular, the work of Robert Sternberg, one of the leading theorists and researchers on love. 

From his work, Sternberg suggests a triangular theoryof love –  three components which form a triangle and make up the various types of love that we experience.

The first side of the triangle is intimacy, which includes feelings of communication, support, and friendship that characterize warm, loving relationships.

The next is passion, which takes the form of physical feelings of desire– essentially the heat and intensity typical of the beginning stages of a relationship.

The final component, commitment,  is…

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