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Women’s Guide to: Turn off of the Independent Woman

A fellow blogger about love, relationships, and single life wrote this post that I wanted to share she is inspiring and candid in whats real in the life of dating from EnlightedLove, Azaleeeshe. The Why am I Single (the series) are must reads!

Why am I Single (the series): I Don’t Need A Man.

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You want to know why YOUR single, it’s because you are a self-proclaimed  “Independent Woman” who acts like you don’t need a man therefore men believe you and stay back! 

Your attitude is condescending and boastful; you do things like, offer to pay for the check to SHOW YOUR INDEPENDENCE and your lack of NEED. Just because you can take care of a bill doesn’t mean you should, if he is treating you…Some women rationalize this because their mentality is “If I show him I don’t NEED him but I WANT him, he may be appreciative of that.” WRONG! Men have egos and need to feel NEEDED at times but not taken advantage of nor do they want to feel their presence is not really needed….This thinking is not going to get you ANYWHERE!

Well you may get somewhere, living like the GOLDEN girls in your elderly age because you Didn’t take time to invest in someone OUTSIDE of yourself. And hey, that is fine if you choose that to be your life, but 9x out of 10, you end up regretting how much you spent on yourself and not investing in a relationship or children.

I am not saying YOU ABSOLUTELY need a man, Of course you DON’T NEED anyone besides your self, but if you are seeking a relationship or a family with a man while walking around saying you don’t need ANY man because “I am FINANCIALLY secure” that is not going to get you anywhere but by yourself…

Bottom Line: Independence is great, but being with someone is even better…and if you want a mate you may need to tweak your approach and avoid using words like “I DON’T NEED A MAN”—If you don’t want to change than remember those nights in that cold bed when you are wishing somebody was there just to hold you…I know you do that… :)




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