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How To Spot Fake or Old Online Dating Photos

Here again, guest blogger of The Reemachronicles writes on the subject of Online Dating and other topics to help men in the dating scene. Please, check out his blog for great stories and even better advice.

Online dating horror stories always include one common theme, which are fake or outdated photos. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, you’ve probably experienced it to some extent. You show up to meet someone you found online for a drink and your date doesn’t look anything like the picture you’ve seen. People mislead you in photos in a few different ways:

1. They use out of date photos from when they were younger and better looking

2. They use techonology to hide the unattractive areas

3. They use photos of completely different people

1. Usually the profiles with one photo are fake or just old. Now that I think about it, what attractive woman would only have one picture of herself? Using out of date photos are usually a little easier to spot. The out of date clothes, hair or makeup. If you look at a girls online photos and she’s wearing belle bottoms, fanny packs and it’s not a 80s theme party or you see a Nysync poster in her room., those pics are old. For my ladies, if you see a guy wearing a “Korn” or Fred Durst shirt that picture is old. Maybe if he has on a “throw back jersey” and not at a sporting event. Now the most recent out of date photos (within a few years) are more difficult to detect. I look for inconsistencies in personal descriptions. Someone talks about having short hair, but in the photo it’s long. That is a HUGE red flag. Or, if they talk about having blonde hair and all the photos are black hair. I also look for different variations in photos. Weight changes or style changes over photos. A good way to get around this is to ask them a question: “Cool photo! When were you when it was taken?”, “Oh Cool! How long ago was that?”

2. You also want to watch the concealing photos. Photos taken from a high angle looking down. These are the ones where the person takes a self portrait by holding the camera over their head pointing down and looking up into it. This makes the head prominent in the photo, making the body look much smaller. It also makes the face look slimmer. We call this the “big girl pic”. Don’t fall for that. Look for full length photos. When I only see headshots showing just the head and shoulders, that is a major red flag.

3. Next, we move onto Photoshop. You have people using this to change what they look like. Look out for sections of the photo which appear streaked or smudged. Any duplicated parts of the photo. This shows someone has added an area and pasted it over another in order to hide something.

4. Let’s end with the worst offense of them all; using photos of other people. This is already lame enough that someone would do this in order to attract someone. You could never trust someone in a future relationship that couldn’t even use their own face to meet you online. Why go through all the work of prowling social networking profiles until you see a full set of photos and copy them all. You can use that time to work on your overall greatness. I always look for inconsistencies between the physical description and the photos (hair, height, weight). Inconsistencies between locations (moutains, beaches). To avoid this you can ask for photos that would show something written from their profile. If they have a pet, ask to see a picture of them holding their pet. EVERYONE with a pet has one of these! . The boldest move would be to ask for a pic kidnapping style. Wait, what? Relax, I don’t want people getting arrested because they thought I said go kidnap someone. What I mean is to have someone take a picture holding up a sign that says “Hey…” with your name written on the bottom. That would be something extremely difficult to photo shop.

What you have to remember is that if someone really wants to fool you, they probably will. The way to avoid this is to go for the number and first meet as quick, as possible. Then, you wouldn’t have wasted much time.

I also want to add one more – does not show face! If it is a body shot and cuts off the face is a big no-no! Thank you again, Reema, of course see his other entry for Single in San Antonio and his blog The Reemachronicles .

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2 thoughts on “How To Spot Fake or Old Online Dating Photos

  1. Fake photos…. saw one idiot where it had a logo on it from another dating site. Out of date…idk whats worse is when they look out of date or they actually have a timestamp on from 6 years ago!

    Posted by silly_G | November 30, 2011, 4:12 pm


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