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Men’s Guide to: The Hidden Signs She is Attracted to You

Women are not going to spill out that that they like you, most of the time. I hear all the time “I did not know if she was into me.” Then completely blow it, just because you did not catch the signs. Even though she gives you the best poker face, these signals can be the only body language you need. So here are your signs that “she is that into you!”

1. She Brushes You Off
She may talk to you and seem into what your saying but are you sure she likes what she hears? Any touch can be a sign, “there is most likely nothing on his shirt 3/4 times, but I just want to find a reason to touch him.” She may touch you on the wrist if she is laughing, she feels comfortable around you.

2. She Expands Her Mind

You may talk about a restaurant that have the best gyros you ever tasted, if she is most likely into you she will think, “If I ask when your going to take me, I hope you tell me a date.” If you give suggestions of places you like to go that could be a possible date, go with it! If she says “want to try that” or “want to go there” she is helping you out. Seal the deal with the possible date, ask if she would like for you to take her. If yes, get her info. If maybe, she is on the fence. No in anyway, she is most likely not into you. *Note: I suggest not to make it too specific of a date try next week/weekend, don’t pressure her.

3. She Gets Nerdy

If your having a conversation that she is very into and she gets very detailed in the topic, that is a very good sign. A woman that is cold and short she wants to end conversation, and sadly that means she is not that into you.

4. She’s Nasty
Watch out for the girl who gently mocks your outfit or criticizes your taste in TV. After all, teasing is an essential part of foreplay. Even if things take a nastier turn and she’s downright argumentative, she may just be trying to show off her smarts or get under your skin. This can be a very good sign if; She smiles a lot or apologizes. If not, you most likely just made her really mad.

5: She Fakes It

Could be a topic she knows nothing about, but she is very interested in what you have to say. Could be something she completely does not care about outside of the conversation: sports, video games, and techie terms. If she is given her undivided attention, she is so into you.

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3 thoughts on “Men’s Guide to: The Hidden Signs She is Attracted to You

  1. Wow great stuff here for the newbies.

    All points you made were accurate.

    I get the one a lot where the girl busts on me for watching Jersey Shore.

    Teasing is definitely a key sign of interest.But this flies over the head of the average guy who knows nothing about this.

    Posted by socialkenny | November 20, 2011, 7:06 am
  2. The first point I didnt realize you meant LITERALLY brushing you off. haha. I thought you were going to say something about playing hard to get and then I was going to have to point out the error of your ways. You know, tease you.

    Posted by robinjester | November 30, 2011, 7:21 pm
  3. Yeah all the subtitles I had fun with.

    Posted by Nova | December 1, 2011, 9:19 am

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