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Scenergy Spotlight: Veteran Looking for Love Turns Matchmaker

My San Antonio Article has Scenergy Dating and the story behind the name.

Capt. Christopher Feliciano is a romantic, which he credits to his Italian-Puerto Rican ancestry. A third-generation military man and veteran of Iraq, Feliciano decided to start his own dating business called Scenergy Dating here in San Antonio.

Originally, the intent was to match military veterans only, but soon he realized that the scope was too narrow, and decided to include civilians, too.

Scenergy Dating was born out of Feliciano’s own experience in the dating scene. As a single 30-year-old, he noticed that there seemed to be a great disconnect in the dating world.

“The dating scene is difficult,” Feliciano said. “When someone meets someone else online, they never really know who or what they’re getting. The idea for Scenergy is to put the ‘meet’ back into meeting someone.”

With that in mind, Feliciano began planning Scenergy mixers at local San Antonio lounges and bistros.

“These events are mostly champagne/wine mixers, where people can get dressed up. Not everyone likes a bar atmosphere, so we keep it light,” he said. “We have themes for each event, like the one we (held last month) at the Rumi Lounge. The theme was ‘Secret Admirer.’”

Attendees filled out note cards with three interesting facts about themselves, and added a clue as to what they were wearing. Cards were shuffled and handed out, women to the men, men to the women.

“The idea was to try to figure out who your person was and to go talk to him or her,” he said. “Sometimes, the person they’d approach might not be the one who filled out the card, but by then, they’ve already started to get to know someone new.”

Scenergy Dating held its first event in November of 2010. Feliciano says while Scenergy hasn’t produced any marriages yet, there are a number of couples who are now dating.

Scenergy also provides online dating for those without the time to attend mixers.

“Safety is a priority, especially for the ladies. I’ve teamed up with BeConcerned.com, a private investigating service, to run very basic background checks on potential members. Also, Scenergy provides a sort-of concierge service where members can call in or log on when out on a date to report any problems if they should arise,” he said.

Another service provided by Scenergy is personal matchmaking. Feliciano, a sociology minor, said he doesn’t rely heavily on a list of in-common traits, but rather focuses on how two people react to each other at the mixer events.

“It’s all about chemistry, and doesn’t matter if the guy is a business professional and the woman is waitress, as long as they are reacting well off of each other.”

Covering all the bases, Feliciano says Scenergy even has counselors available for military veterans returning from deployment, to help them transition back into the civilian dating scene.

In one more year, Feliciano will be applying for a certification in matchmaking from Manhattan. Currently, there is only one certified matchmaker in San Antonio; but after his business has been operational for two years, his will be the city’s newest.

“Scenergy has the most diverse group of classy, quality members of any dating service. There are no scams,” he said. “Events are low-priced ($10 for members, and $15 for non-members), and we work hard to help our members find the person they’re looking for.”

The next meeting is a themed “ghost tour” slated for Oct. 27. Interested individuals can sign up on the website, http://www.scenergy-dating.com.

Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/community/northeast/news/article/Veteran-looking-for-love-turns-matchmaker-2225013.php#ixzz1bKoBaC4v



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