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Love Like A Superhero

We meet again my San Antonio Singles,

Today, we are going to discuss how a superhero is the best person to love and how we must be more like one.

Everyone loves a superhero. The strength, charm, and selflessness of a superhero. We think of how to be the best at attracting, seducing, and keeping a mate just think of a superhero. Superheroes are sexy. They of course are not dressed in the modern human world, but every superhero is illustrated on the most attractive feature. Illustrate yourself on your most attractive feature. You may have legs like a swan; care and extenuate them. Maybe you have eyes of the ocean or of a red walnut; use these as your strength. The Superhero stands for for the betterment of humanity. People are superheroes who stand for something and take action: children’s education, hang up and drive, or just a better community.There is a sense of mystery behind a Superhero, that automatically draws people to them. Everyone wants to tune in to the next episode, of you.Superheroes are strong emotionally and physically. When people can lean on you for support, then you truly are among them. They come when called, and never ask for anything in return. Superheroes are passionate, you can see and feel their emotions pouring through the page/screen. People who want to be with you want to understand and empathize with you. Superheroes accept people of all ages and backgrounds. But one thing people don’t understand is that humans and Superheroes both have a weakness. This weakness can be be as large as kryptonite or small like The Flash with running too fast. Whatever it maybe, we all have one (or more than one), but someone that understands, accepts, and help through the weakness deserves a Superhero.



3 thoughts on “Love Like A Superhero

  1. Good post again.

    Hope you’re not equating Superheroe with being there for someone 24/7 without allowing some scarcity to set in?

    Posted by socialkenny | November 11, 2011, 1:18 pm
  2. This is more a “you are what you attract” everyone looks for this ‘perfection’, yet don’t understand that to get a person you want, you have to be the person you want. Plus, even superheroes have weaknesses and flaws.

    Posted by Nova | November 12, 2011, 8:50 am
  3. @Nova-Ok that makes sense.

    It’s sought of karmic too.

    Posted by socialkenny | November 12, 2011, 1:29 pm

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