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Men are from Verizon, Women are from AT&T

As the iPhone 4GS will be released into the market soon, I’ve come to the conclusion that you can understand the opposite sex just by how these carriers (Verizon to men and AT&T to women) portray themselves as.

Verizon- is masculine by nature. By showing themselves as bigger, stronger, and faster. Just like men focus on when trying to stand out from one another. Also, Verizon goes by the price = quality factor (more expensive, more coverage). That is what men get the idea that “the more I make, the more appealing women would find me.” Lastly, the way their infrastructure works, it works on one task at a time but very quickly without stalling. This is also true for men, men naturally are not able to multitask. Men can focus on one task make a decision, then move on to the next. Even the phones are built bigger and with sharper angles.

On the other hand, AT&T has shown quite feminine attributes. AT&T portray themselves as safe and reliable which is the biggest factor for most women. Also, the biggest difference between AT&T and Verizon is the multitasking ability that women naturally capable of. Being able to call someone, get directions, and know when kids need to get picked up are simultaneously functioning in the brain. Which you can be talking on the phone, pull up a map, and text the kids pick up time. The company also want to give as much, while keeping it still affordable. Which women are known as the nurtures, and also sacrifice most of the successes to not over-shine their male counterparts. (Have you heard of the “bigger badder” AT$T?) The phones are even shown as smaller and curvier.

By understanding this two companies, you could make it a little easier to understand today’s opposite sex. Also, how each like their tech.



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