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Dating with a Car Seat

There are 13.6 million single parents today in the U.S. Even though this is a majority of how our households are, the single parent is still given a bad rap. This is especially pervaded in the dating world. Most singles without children simply don’t want to date single parents. But this is not true for all singles. It is very possible to meet a nurturing single with no kids, a single parent only giving themselves the option of other single parents are missing out on opportunities to meet a person for them.

But there are many factors when considering dating as a single parent:

  • When and how to introduce the children to whom I’m dating? Don’t introduce your children to every person you date once or twice, wait until you have a meaningful relationship to introduce them to the person. I think that you also want to hear how they are feeling about it; talk to them about it and let them know that this new person that you’re dating or involved with, isn’t there to replace their dad/mom but is somebody who’s going to have a different but important—potentially important role in their life.
  • How about if my children do not like who I am dating? Explain to them why you are moving on and why you are meeting new people and why you like this person and you are dating them and there good qualities, understand their concerns, but you must stand up for yourself.
  • When should my significant other stay over night? Relationship established between your new significant other and your children and if that relationship is going fairly well and that by all means there is openness around this, so you are not sneaking the person in at night and sneaking him out in the morning.
Also, many factors for a person dating a single parent:
  • Remember, the children are the number 1 priority. There will be last minute schedule changes that you have to be understanding of, and doing so would make him/her even more attracted to you.
  • Move slowly and observe the status of the ex. Single parents will always have the child’s dad or mom in the picture. But you must observe their interaction with the dad or mom (maybe on the phone, person, or what is said about them). Because there is a possibility of the single parent to get back together with the dad or mom. But be optimistic because they are dating you, so they want to move on.
  • Learn more about the children. Know the children’s names, ages, and interests. But don’t expect to meet the children until the relationship is very serious.
  • The kids may not like you. So just tell them you are just wanting to be friends with them and their parent. Do family-oriented activities, if it is of interests of the child. Most important: Do not discipline them leave that to their parent.
-Nadine Kaslow (phd in physiological and behavioral sciences Emory University)
Dating is possible for the single parent. Even though the busy day takes up all your time. Taking the right approach will make dating a lot easier, and a lot less of an headache. Plus, it can be quite a stress relieve.
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