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Sex: Get Your Lab Coat

Watched a movie called “Science of Sex Appeal” and I must say it was fascinating. Of course this is not a movie for the young ones. But it does give you very raw data of why, how, and what attracts two people to each other. Also, it begs the question of if there is a way to study love and its effects on the brain. This brought me to the study in the movie that made me question… So is it possible to find the person that is best for you (or in this case same number) even though we look for this perfect partner (10 in this case) we would most likely end up with same physical attractiveness?

Reason being is we think of ourselves as above average (men more than women) and we look for someone that we think would fit that. Over looking others as “I can do better than that.” this being the case when we find “better” we realize that, that person maybe thinking they could “do better” as well.

This is when we run through the dilemma of feeling we are not as high in the ranking as we thought and either wallow in self petty or being a productive single better oneself to become that 10 or give another number a chance.

Here is a fun one about speed dating.



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