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Dating for the 30 somethings

Why after years of dates and relationships is the 30 something the peak of “I must settle quick”? Also, the time of why we feel that we don’t attract the same man or woman we use to like. The answer is clear, it’s the changes around us. Just think, your first date may have been in grade school with someone most likely in your school, family friend, or in your neighborhood. Then you went off to college, again you met someone in your class in a group project. Now, the only large constant interaction you have with many people is in the workplace, and lucky for you the job policy does not allow “dating in the office.” Maybe, going out to your local bar or club and hope this person you just met is looking for a longing relationship. Then, you get set up by your friends that obviously does not know what you want. So, what is there for the mature adults?

Online dating, yes we all know online dating is not how our parents met. But the  our parents did not have access to the internet at that time. Online dating was not a thought until the late 90’s since then this has exploded. Before the online dating, there was another option pen pals. Which is the same service that online dating does today but stamp required. As pen pals you never met this person and you get charm in an handwritten letter, with the anticipation of the next letter, how romantic. Now with the digital age we anticipate to come in within 24 hours. Which can cause the same affect. The excitement of someone thinking of you then writing to you boost that constant interaction with someone you are interested in as well. This is why I advocate online dating for the 30 and ups.



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