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Fail to Plan … Plan to FUN!

I’m a sportsfan – especially during championships.  With all honestly, I love the excitement, the rivalries, the naming of the newest rookies, the competition and ofcourse the deals on drinks.

My visiting cousin hadn’t yet seen how great the people of this city could be, that mixed with the NBA Finals, it seemed like an excellent opportunity to get out for a while.  We decided upon the Buffalo Wild Wings on 1604 and Culebra, it was close, and she was craving some spicy barbecue wings.  There were a ton of people there, cheering on their team, and a ton more crying over the lost of the Heat.  Not many beer specials, but the congregation effect made up for the more expensive beverages.

We LUV U guys!

Share the Love People!

In my hometown we’ve given Buffalo Wild Wings a nickname, B-Dubs, and it’s a go to spot for a ton of great plasma screens, a good sound system and great music during breaks and halftime.  We didn’t really have a plan for the evening, just two single chicks looking for a good time.

Instead we found Malcolm and Frank, two San Antonio fellas chilling out, watching the game, they were, as they would put it, “as laid back as Mercedez seats”.  And after realizing the there wasn’t anywhere to sit at the bar area of B-Dubs, I made eye contact with Frank, weaved through the cheers (it was the middle of the second quarter) and almost politely asked “Can we sit with yall?”  These dudes were cool, they pulled out chairs, cracked jokes, showed us magic tricks, gave a little background information, without giving too much, it was the epitome of a great first date, without being a formal first date.  The uncertainty in our night proved to be the most fun she and I had in a very long time.

Here’s why my date went so well …
Have you ever met some people that you just click with?  There’s immediate laughter, you see eye to eye on certain subjects and it’s always something interesting to add or hear within the conversation.  We went into the scene with no plan.  A lot of daters and first time meeters usually over analyze a situation to the point where the conversation gets silent or premeditated.  Ease up and go with the flow.  Women, when you go into a sportsbar, be the smart laughing girl, not the “teach me how the game is played” harlot in distress.  Educate yourself on whatever game it is that you are investing your time (and cute outfit) in to watch.

Frank put it with extreme hilarity, “Be committed, like the pig, not merely involved like the chicken”, what seems like an ancient Chinese proverb was a play on words when defining breakfast.  You see, in breakfast the chicken is only involved, it lends just an egg, while the pig is wholely completely committed, giving his life … excellent advise!  When you are in the game of dating, be easy going .. a lot of women usually have a list of dos and don’ts on what they’ll accept .. men have the same thing .. But did you ever think you will get if you didn’t have a plan?

Congrats to the Mavs.  Have a great date people.



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