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Dollar Day Dates … Finding Love on Your Budget

There are ample things at your disposal when it comes to creating an awesome experience on a budget with a significant other .. new and old.  Websites like Groupon and LivingSocial may offer savings on events and deals in the area that are flashy and wonderful, but what about when you’re wallet is at its most minimal, but you really really  need take a break, and don’t want to go alone?  “We’re in a recession” can be your excuse, but when I was coming up its always been what it is … a cheap date.  Here’s what I did …

I picked up my Sunday newspaper and found a low budget theatre, my San Antonio choice was the Cinemark Movie 16 Theatre, the next showing of one of my favorite missed shows, Battle: Los Angeles … and if I buy my ticket before noon, it’s only $1.  What a deal!

Also in my Sunday news paper was two coupons, no need to download or sign up for recurring and annoying emails, just two totally free coupons.  One for Jack-in-the-Box, buy one Spicy Chicken Fillet Sandwich, get one free and the other for a Free Smoothie at McDonald’s when you purchase one.  Myself, and my date enjoyed a very interested fast food lunch and day at the movies  for around $11.00.

Fellas, don’t be scared to whip a coupon out on a first date, it may let your significant other see how real you can be, or use it as a draw when asking a lady out, “Hey, so I got this coupon for a free entrée…” it’s sensible and inexpensive.  Despite what you may think women aren’t at all turned off by a coupon or two … I myself get pretty excited for those weekly Longhorn Steakhouse coupons in the paper.  I’ve been known to Google search different outings to see if there were better deals out in the webosphere.

In the same reference as making reservations, coupons allow for fun new trends to be tried cheaply, and if you play your cards as frugally as your pockets you may end up having a grand time on a budget.  Here are some tips for frugal fun:

  1.  Plan ahead.  Different coupons come at random.  Its very important to pay attention to expiration dates the bigger the savings the less time you have to use the discount.
  1. Don’t Haggle.  Sure, you’ve heard the everything is negotiable, but when you already using a coupon don’t stress out your date, or even embarrass them with further requests for money off … this can only make you look broke, instead of money conscience.
  1. You get what you paid for.  Coupons are usually meant to promote new items, so don’t turn your face up when its realized that the free entrée is an artichoke taco platter.
  1. Create a discount combo.  A free drink here and an appetizer there, as well as half price tickets to the zoo can make for a great day date and can show your cultured side.

Creating an interesting conversation around all of your stops and doing something new would definitely warm you up to your date and be completely memorable.

Have a great date people … ttyl



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